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Case Study - Scanenergi

Scanenergi chooses MECOMS™
to stay ahead in the Danish energy market

Scanenergi is a Danish power trading and energy management company, specialized in energy optimization. Because the old system could not keep up with its growth and a rapidly changing market, Scanenergi chose for Logica to implement MECOMS™.


Scanenergi was founded in 1998 as a power trading company. In the last 10 years it has developed into an energy consultancy and energy management company that assists its customers in reducing their energy costs. Scanenergi is based in Ikast, with staff and offices throughout Denmark. With a turnover of approx. 850 DKK, Scanenergi is the third largest energy optimization company in Denmark, employing around 90 people.

Scanenergi used to have four separate systems and an enormous amount of Excel spreadsheets to manage its business processes. Due to the growth of Scanenergi’s business and the rapidly changing market, this system could no longer meet the business needs.

Michael Mikkelsen, CEO of Scanenergi: "Looking at the Danish products that were available, we quickly realized that for a system like we envisioned, we had to look abroad."

Heidi Skøtt Godiksen, CIO of Scnanenergi: "We talked to several Danish systems integrators, and Logica’s proposal quickly stood out. They offered a solution based on Ferranti’s MECOMS™ product. MECOMS™ was already in use in several countries, and Logica could provide localization for our market."

Mads Brøgger, Market Manager at Logica: "For Logica, working with MECOMS™ is a strategic effort in our increased focus on the energy and utility industry in Denmark. Therefore, we are very pleased with Scanenergi going live with MECOMS™ as a complete solution for its entire business."

Scanenergi is now well prepared to cope with future changes, such as smart metering. Replacing manual work with automation has increased efficiency. By integrating all data and business processes, MECOMS™ has improved customer service. This allows Scanenergi to focus on its core business.

Ms Godiksen: "The MECOMS™ project is the biggest project in Scanenergi’s history, but it is also the most successful. We are convinced that with MECOMS™, we can provide a better service to our customers."

Mr Mikkelsen: "Thanks to MECOMS™ we are able to fulfil our ambition of being a better service company. And it even opens the door for international business."

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