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Ferranti and WWII: how are they connected?

Monday, August 7, 2017 - 14:30

We all have learned about the horrific World War II in those history classes. And you yourself might have picked up a book or two at the library to dig a little deeper in its gruelling story. But, do you also have learned about the technical side of the war? Do you know who became major supplier of electronics and what-not? Ferranti, of course! We’re here to tell you all about the heroic story of Ferranti and its quite significant role during the War. Sit back, relax and… take a little trip through time with us!


About how Ferranti helped win the war


During World War II, Ferranti took up the role as one of the major suppliers of electronics. In 1938, they had developed a new military radar system, better known as the Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Mark 1 system. The IFF would basically send out a signal to an unknown object. If it got a valid response, the system identified the object as friendly. If not, the object was considered hostile and things were probably about to get very messy.


While continental Europe was stuck in a chaotic lockdown, UK-based Ferranti kept on developing tools to help the Royal Air Force win the battle. In 1943, the company opened a factory in Edinburgh to manufacture the so-called gyro gun-sight for the British Spitfire planes. This was an important upgrade of the existing gun-sight, that helped pilots in hitting the Luftwaffe aircrafts that were popping up in front of them.


When the World War II nightmare was over, Ferranti found itself stronger than ever. The revolutionary IFF project had put the company at the forefront considering radar defence technology and the brand new Edinburgh factory was growing into a full-scale electronics research laboratory. The future was looking bright.


And now?


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