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Microsoft’s A.I. camera app Pix is now a business tool

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 16:30

Microsoft Pix, the camera app that uses A.I. to improve your photos, is ready to take on the business market.


A recent update has turned Pix, that’s been immensely popular amongst consumers, into a business tool as well. The app is now able to help you out with photos of business documents, whiteboards, post-it notes and business cards. According to Microsoft, these new features were a logical next step, since people were already using Pix at the workplace very frequently.


The update allows you to take a photo of another photo, a document, a whiteboard, a business card or anything that’s not a traditional snap. Pix will automatically detect what it’s seeing in real-time and make smart camera adjustments, so that you get the best possible picture. The app will then use A.I. to crop the edges, boost the color and tone, sharpen the focus, and adjust the angle so that the image appears in a straight-on perspective.


New, but not exactly


This image correction technology is not new. It’s been used in Office Lens, another Microsoft app. Office Lens has been converting photos of whiteboards and documents into Word or PowerPoint files and making them easy to share to OneDrive, for years. A lot of other apps can do these kind of things as well. Take a photo of a business card or a receipt? Then use Evernote’s Scannable. Archive your grandparents’ old photos into the cloud? Google’s PhotoScan is here for you.


The main difference with Pix is that it offers more than just a singular function. With Pix, the image correction tool is part of a fully functional camera app. It also includes a bunch of other photo editing tools and effects that you can use on images of whiteboards and documents. Like the one that adds lines to a whiteboard to make it look like a piece of notebook paper, for example.