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Optimization Maturity Model

Ferranti Computer Systems uses Microsofts Optimization Maturity model to provide CIOs with a robust and systematic process for assessing their IT infrastructure capabilities and delivering a well-defined, easy to implement IT roadmap. This transformative and iterative process shifts IT from simply a cost center to an innovative business growth supporter and enabler.

Optimization is a structured, systematic process of assessing infrastructure maturity across IT capabilities, then prioritizing projects to progress towards a Dynamic state. The process begins with a starting point, “where your IT infrastructure and platform is today,” and ends with a destination, “where you want it to be.” Optimization focuses on aligning the utilization of an organization’s IT people, process, and technology to advance the business towards its desired destination. As a result, IT becomes a more strategic partner to the business.

Ferranti Computer Systems consistently uses this Optimization model throughout its solutions as you can read throughout this newsletter in order to enable you to move forward in your journey of aligning business initiatives with IT priorities.