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IT Process & Compliance: Operate

The Operate part of the IT service lifecycle represents the culmination of the two previous phases, Plan & Deliver. While the Plan Phase focuses on how to determine the business’s needs for IT services, and the Deliver Phase focuses on how to architect, design, build, and test those services, the Operate Phase focuses on what to do after the services are in place. It is in effect managing the steady state of the environment in which IT services exist.

The key activitities to be delivered are to operate and maintain IT services in order to:

  • Manage each service proactively and effectively
  • Monitor the health of each service proactively and continuously
  • Restore a service to health when things go wrong

As an end-2-end system integrator, Ferranti Computer Systems not only focuses on planning and delivering projects but has developed a myriad of services in order to help our customers operate their environment as well. This myriad of services is branded as ITMO which stands for IT Management Online providing you as a customer with a solution that is fitted with your interests: 


ITMO myFerranti

Our 24/7 service desk, that functions as a single point of contact, in accordance with ITIL processes in order to provide our customers a transparent view on the status of incidents, problems and changes.

ITMO Management Online    

Our online remote monitoring tool based on Microsoft System Center technology, providing insight in the health of your infrastructure.

ITMO Expert Support

In this service contract you can cover your own IT department and ensure yourself of a 2nd or 3rd support line service. Depending on the contract you are even able to have a service level attached to it!

ITMO Manage

If you want to outsource your full infrastructure or part of it, we can provide you with a full managed service, covered by a detailed service level agreement.