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Server Virtualisation for Maximum Availability and Cost Reduction at AZ KLINA

AZ Klina
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 16:00

The KLINA General Hospital is the acute hospital for the north of Antwerp. The hospital is continuously striving for a high-quality patient-centered care. Characteristic for the hospital is the modern infrastructure, the use of high-end technologies such as robotics surgery and a wide range of medical disciplines. A hospital is active day and night. Maximum availability of IT infrastructure is essential for business continuity. For AZ Klina it was important that the servers and storages could be used and managed in an optimal and simpler manner.

AZ Klina therefore started looking for a partner for the implementation of a virtualization solution to achieve higher availability of the applications and a reduction in energy and management costs.

For this important project AZ Klina distributed a list of required features to potential IT partners. Ferranti Computer Systems offered the most attractive solution with a unique proposal. The company suggested a demo of possible two products, VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V. Both products were presented by means of a live demo where the potential of each product was tested against the desired functionality. After an additional reference visit to a Hyper-V client where the results, the pitfalls and the reliability of the partner were assessed, AZ Klina chose Hyper-V.

AZ KLINA concluded that Hyper-V, the virtualization technology from Microsoft, was the most efficient and economical solution, partly because they were already standardized on a complete Microsoft environment, and because all of the desired functionality is already present in Hyper-V. Thanks to Hyper-V the hospital makes optimal use of the number of servers, downtime risk has been reduced, energy consumption is lower and management costs have declined significantly.

Moreover, the System Center management software is included in Windows Server. Thanks to these management tools, the servers of AZ Klina can be managed more easily and efficiently without someone needed to be physically present in the hospital continuously. When a problem arises, they automatically receive a notification via email or SMS, so a rapid follow-up is possible.

Ferranti also prepared documentation on the new system and provided a proper knowledge transfer through training in the Ferranti training room on the AZ Klina environment. Thus the IT staff of AZ Klina could take control of the daily management.


  • Optimal use of servers and storage
  • Maximum Availability
  • Simple and efficient management
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Cost savings
  • Scalable solution