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System Center 2012 as a central management platform at Bosal

To streamline the workflows throughout the organization and manage their IT environments more easily and efficiently, Bosal decided to implement System Center 2012 as their central management platform.

Bosal is one of the leading manufacturers of exhaust systems in the world. Bosal supplies exhaust systems for original equipment and the aftermarket. The Bosal Group also manufactures precision steel tubing, warehouse racking systems, towbar systems, roofbars and roofracks and plays a leading role in the production of high-tech catalytic converters. Established in 1923 in Alkmaar, the Bosal Group is Dutch registered, headquartered in Lummen, Belgium. The annual turnover in 2011 was in excess of € 796 million. The Bosal Group employs over 5,500 people in 34 manufacturing plants, 5 R&D centra and 18 distribution centres. Bosal´s customer base includes all major car manufacturers worldwide as well as a variety of leading industrial conglomerates.

The Bosal Group exists of multiple remote locations all over the world. Each of these locations had locally managed IT infrastructures with different software and their own vision on IT policies. That’s why Bosal started looking for a central management platform to streamline the workflows throughout the organization. The goal was to create one general policy for all locations worldwide, which would simplify IT management for both the IT department and the employees.

A cost effective and flexible management platform

Bosal decided to start using System Center 2012 implemented by Ferranti Computer Systems. Microsft System Center 2012 is a comprehensive management platform that enables Bosal to manage their IT environments, including their server infrastructure and client devices more easily and efficiently. With System Center 2012, Bosal gets the most cost effective and flexible platform for managing their datacenters, private and public clouds, and client devices.

By using System Center 2012 as a central management platform, Bosal is able to manage all remote sites from within a single suite. The use of only one suite allows Bosal to create new standards, usable for every single remote location. The management is also fully aligned with the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF).

For the monitoring of each server system, System Center Operations Manager has been implemented. System Center Operations Manager delivers flexible and cost-effective enterprise-class monitoring and diagnostics and helps to ensure the availability of business-critical applications and services. Thanks to the monitoring, the IT department stays continuously informed of the hardware and software status. At Bosal, SCOM is hosted in a central datacenter, using Gateway servers to uplink every remote location to the datacenter. These gateways concentrate the traffic of the servers behind them, forwarding all alerts to the central Operations Manager Environment. This hub functionality allows a tighter security management, by admitting only the gateways through the firewalls.

System Center Configuration Manager has been implemented for the management of the client computers and provides the ability to centrally manage updates and malware protection. System Center Configuration Manager facilitates the deployment of new systems enabling every client system to be compliant with the company policy and making it easy to update and protect every system worldwide. By means of distribution points at the remote locations Configuration Manager stores the content needed by the clients at that specific location. This limits the use of bandwidth over the WAN links and allows a fast download of the content to the clients.

The Service Manager component of System Center is critical to Bosal in managing IT service tickets such as incidents, requests and problems. The Service Manager Portal, hosted on a central Sharepoint platform, allows the creation of these service tickets. The appropriate analyst is automatically assigned to every case and the central management of the SLAs makes it easy to fulfill the agreements.

System Center 2012 provides Bosal with an automated cloud environment that does not only solve IT problems but also speeds routine business processes that touch the IT infrastructure.