Ferranti: Bringing People Closer Together Since 1976

Ferranti: Bringing People Closer Together Since 1976

Ever since Ferranti Computer Systems was founded back in 1976, their main focus has been on creating systems that simplify processes, improve efficiency and save costs. A crucial factor in this philosophy has always been the implementation of clever and easy to use communication tools.

Today, the world is a different place. In those 40 years, technology has changed more than we can even begin to describe. As a result, Ferranti’s activities have grown, evolved, and transformed immensely. But their philosophy hasn’t. So 4 decades later, Ferranti is still creating ways to improve business communication.


The evolution of information technology has created opportunities for business integration and automation. As these new technologies emerge, innovative organisations will be most efficient and generate the highest value for their business. Therefore it’s crucial to get the basics right and have your ICT infrastructure under control.

Ferranti’s ICT Infrastructure solutions are organized around 3 domains:

·       Ferranti’s Dynamic Datacenter enables enterprises to manage their own private data center, without the hassle of having to own and maintain the underlying infrastructure. Clients can choose to deploy their own datacenter where they want, decide whether to use services in the cloud or even go for a hybrid model, combining a traditional and an in-cloud datacenter. A dynamic datacenter introduces a new way of working, with an increased productivity. It enables organisations to adapt to changing conditions right away. The end user can work anywhere, anytime, with the device of choice.

·       An optimised workplace makes life easier. It’s very simple to buy all sorts of client devices for your company, but making sure you have the right licenses, security software and policies can be something else – especially in an ever-changing market. All those things take time, time that you should be spending on your core business. Ferranti’s optimised workplace and communication solutions take care of all these things so that you don’t have to.

·       Borderless networks improve efficiency. Ferranti was one of the first companies in Belgium to set foot in the IT communication space, back in 1983. Throughout the years, we ‘ve seen an evolution from supporting simple file sharing and printing services to providing a backbone for complex business applications. Nowadays, companies expect their wireless network to be an always-on service that provides the same level of performance, no matter what. With all its years of experience, Ferranti can deliver that service.

More than 40 years have passed since Ferranti was founded, but their focus is still the same as on day one. By creating new and improving existing communication tools, Ferranti is connecting people in an ever-changing world.

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