Ferranti implements an even more customer-oriented organization as a basis for growth strategy

A brand new IT company was established in Antwerp in 1976: Ferranti Computer Systems. No one could have predicted at the time that more than 40 years later, the same company would emerge as a leading IT player, with hundreds of customers at home and abroad. Ferranti has achieved this impressive track record by working together with customers at all times on the strategic front.

Today, in 2018, the concept of “computerization” (IT) is acquiring a completely different meaning than before. Customers tend to see technology more and more as a means to real value creation so as to achieve their corporate strategy: to expand an agile organization; implement new services, new business models and new processes across company boundaries; and, if at all possible, less complex for the end user.

In this challenging environment, Ferranti is determined to rise to the occasion.  With the support of a strong shareholder, we are opting for a growth strategy with resolve. We already have the right DNA for that purpose. Close involvement in the strategy and processes of our customers is now more important than ever before.

We have therefore decided to expand our strategy in a way that is geared more to your unique and changing needs: with three strong brands, each with its own identity, that exude focus and corporate culture, targeting our most successful market segments:

  • MECOMS mecoms.com – the application platform of the future for energy and utility companies;
  • Silta silta-ict.be – your reliable ICT and infrastructure partner with Silta Cloud, Silta Connect and Silta Control;
  • FrontForce frontforce.be – a provider of real time, company critical solutions through various product lines: FrontForce Mobility, FrontForce Data & IoT, FrontForce Chatbot & AI, FrontForce Supervision (SCADA) and FrontForce Bespoke. The state-of-the-art solution for the fire brigade in particular will from now on be called FrontForce Emergency.

MECOMS, Silta and FrontForce now form three strong, innovative entities under the auspices of Ferranti, backed by a strong shareholder.

Ernst Nijkerk, CEO, Ferranti: “MECOMS, Silta and FrontForce operate at the boundary of business and ICT. Our customers can henceforth count on an even more intensive focus and reinforced capacity to innovate as a response to their specific challenges.”

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