Our mission is to empower people in energy & utility organizations to achieve more together.

About us.

Ferranti has over 45 years of experience in building a prospect-to-cash platform for operators in the Energy & utility market. We have been able to build this know-how thanks to expert passionate people that are at the heart of our culture, boosting an engineering culture where dedication and commitment are key​.


Ferranti is the driving force behind MECOMS.

We are a cloud first, customer-centric organization with a sole vertical focus on energy & utilities. We offer customers our own state-of-the-art cloud offering called MECOMS 365, which is based on Microsoft’s premium enterprise platform Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AZURE services.


Years Experience

For more than 45 years, we have been building expertise tailored to the needs of the energy and utilities sector.


End Customers

With MECOMS 365 we support more than 50 million end users.

+ 54

Active Clients

Ferranti has a diverse customer base. Suppliers, grid operators and integrated utilities are using MECOMS on a daily basis, driving value to their business.


Cloud Based

With our excellent knowledge within Software as a Service (SaaS) we help customers make a flawless transition to the cloud.


Countries served

Over the years, we helped more than 54 clients in more than 18 countries worldwide with successful go-lives of their MECOMS delivery.



Over one billion invoices are generated annually by our clients in more than 18 countries across the globe.



More than 250 passionate colleagues, located in offices around the world, give their best every day.



With offices in Antwerp, Skopje, Singapore and UK, we are a global player with the necessary country-specific expertise.



Ferranti employees have an average of more than 10 years of seniority in the organisation, adding to our in-depth knowledge of the energy and utility market and our engineering culture. A figure we are very proud of.

Ferranti’s Rich History


Ferranti founded in Antwerp

Ferranti’s Rich History

Ferranti’s Rich History


Ferranti joins the Nijkerk Group

Ferranti’s Rich History

Ferranti’s Rich History


First MECOMS based on AX

Ferranti’s Rich History

Ferranti’s Rich History


MECOMS Partner Program Launched

Ferranti’s Rich History

Ferranti’s Rich History


APAC office opened in Singapore

Ferranti’s Rich History

Ferranti’s Rich History


Ferranti moves to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamic 365

Ferranti’s Rich History

Ferranti’s Rich History


Macedonia Office opened

Ferranti’s Rich History


Management team

Tom Van Haute - Chief Operations Officer - Ferranti

Tom Van Haute

Chief Operations Officer

Johan Vandekerckhove - Chief Commercial Officer Ferranti -

Johan Vandekerckhove

Chief Commercial Officer

Kris Moorees - Chief Financial Officer - Ferranti

Kris Moorees

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Bongers - Sales Manager - Ferranti

Alex Bongers

Solutions Director

Ellen Schrauwen - Operations Manager - Ferranti

Ellen Schrauwen

Operations Manager

Corporate Social

Image that represents the Environmental Responsibilities of Ferranti


We attach great importance to the environment. Therefore, we provide a 100% digital software to help our clients with their environment ambitions.

Not only do we help our clients to pursue their environmental ambitions. We also set important goals internally. In recent years, we already made several green changes, like the constantly evolving journey of greening our vehicle fleet. At the office, plants have been placed to ensure a healthy working environment, and we also consciously choose recyclable or ecological materials to use in our marketing campaigns.

Image that represents the Labor and Practices Relations Responsibilities of Ferranti

Labor practices & relations

We value each employee in their uniqueness. To ensure the preservation of their uniqueness, different guidelines are in place and applied to employees and candidates.

The personal growth of every colleague is also of paramount importance to us. That is why we offer advanced soft-as-hard skills training, such as advanced MECOMS 365 courses or discovery insights training. Furthermore, we invest in our young graduates with a 2-year ride to shine program.

Image that represents the charity Responsibilities of Ferranti

Supporting charities

Every year we engage in organizing activities for good causes. With our MECOMS moves we bike, hike and swim for different charities. Besides that, we organize at the end of each year, Ferranti For charity. Where colleagues organize different initiatives at the office to raise money.

Beside charities we value innovation and love to support young entrepreneurs. Therefore, we engage in supporting projects outside our organization. This year we are proud sponsor of the formula Electric student team. They build a fully electric racecar from the ground up.