Create a complete customer journey and optimize the customer experience.

Get to know your customers and improve customer interactions with MECOMS 365 Customer Engagement. Create a complete customer journey and optimize the customer experience. CE helps you to improve customer interactions with rich and structured communication allowing you to capture and respond to your customers’ questions or comments and this across multiple channels such as phone, email, chat, social channels Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, …

Marketing Management

Automate various marketing tasks, actions and campaigns to make sure that you have the best customer experience by providing them with personalized content at the right moment and place. Marketing Automation will guide your customer during their customer journey.

Sales Management

Sales management will help your salespersons in following-up their different opportunities and prospects to convert them into projects and customers. It provides them access to all necessary information on their prospects and leads, so they can focus on their strategic deals and close them.

Customer Service

The customer service module helps you in tracking all customer activities through cases, records all interactions with your customers and solves the different problems they might experience.

Product Management MECOMS 365 by Ferranti

Customer Engagement Capabilities

Customer Insights

Market patterns, customer trends and deeper customer understandings can be achieved by making use of various Insights functionalities. Engagements can be tailored and personalized to each customer by bringing transactional, observational and behavioural data together in real time. With the AI & Machine Learning capabilities, churn can be predicted, next best actions can be followed, and product recommendations can be given.

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Customer Engagement Capabilities

Omni-Channel communication

Help your front office agents to better communicate and interact with your customers from within your platform. MECOMS 365 allows them to assist your customers via chat, video, voice, SMS & co-browse functionalities.

Power Virual Agents - MECOMS 365 - Ferranti

Customer Engagement Capabilities

Virtual Agents

Empower your teams by building chatbots in a no-code interface. You will enable your customers to have rich & personal conversations that guide them to the right solution and take action on their behalf.


Customer Service

The customer service module helps you in tracking all customer activities through cases, records all interactions with your customers and solves the different problems they might experience.

Power Virual Agents - MECOMS 365 - Ferranti


Customer Portal

Allowing a customer to access and engage with their energy company any day, anytime and anywhere is essential in an increasingly digitalized society. That’s why the MECOMS 365 Portal offers all the information and key capabilities for customers to view their bills, understand their consumption or change their monthly instalment in an easy and convenient way. ​

MECOMS 365 by Ferranti - CE – Field Customer Service app


Field Service Customer app

The MECOMS365 Field Customer Service App is the mobile solution for your field service agents to help them perform customer related activities on the road. Tasks such as entering a meter read, creating a payment plan or change the payment method of a customer are possible in this user-friendly mobile app, fully integrated with the desktop Customer Service solution.​


Built on trusted Microsoft Technology

With MECOMS 365 Customer Engagement, we have extended the Microsoft CE functionalities specifically for the energy & utility market, with a first focus on Sales & Customer Service.

MECOMS 365 Platform

Take a look at the MECOMS 365 platform

The MECOMS 365 cloud platform, helps you to empower your employees by improving efficiency trough automation. Use business inisghts to elevate your customer experience and facilitate company growth.

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Customer Engagement software for energy and utilities.

In the energy and utility industry, customer engagement is a critical aspect of success. The traditional methods of engagement, such as call centers and in-person visits, are costly and time-consuming. With the rise of technology, customer engagement software has emerged as a cost-effective and efficient solution for energy and utility companies.

Our MECOMS 365 software provides energy and utility companies with a platform to engage with customers in real-time, track customer satisfaction, and improve customer experience. From bill payments to energy usage tracking, the MECOMS 365 customer engagement software offers a range of features that cater to the unique needs of the energy and utility industry.

One of the key benefits of using our customer engagement software is the ability to personalize interactions with customers. Our platform uses customer data to provide relevant information and support, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. In turn, this can result in increased revenue and reduced churn rates.

In addition to improving customer engagement, our customer engagement software also offers valuable insights into customer behavior. Energy and utility companies can use this data to develop targeted marketing campaigns, improve their offerings, and optimize their customer service.

In conclusion, the MECOMS 365 customer engagement software is an essential tool for energy and utility companies looking to improve their customer experience and increase revenue. By providing real-time engagement and valuable customer insights, this software helps companies stay ahead of the competition and drive customer satisfaction.