Stay on top of your meter-to-cash processes.

Integrated utilities are at the heart of environmental concerns and energy transition and sustainability challenges. Providing clean, and affordable drink water is the number one priority for water utilities. Some of the biggest concerns today are the ageing of the water network, quality of water and water shortage.

In parallel with highly needed infrastructure investments, customers are expecting more and more from their integrated utility. The need for innovation to transition to a modern cloud services is architecture is bigger than ever. With MECOMS 365 you can have a CRM/ERP platform that manages your meter-to-cash process, that helps with water leak detection and enables you to provide flawless customer service.

What’s in it for you?

Offer excellent customer service 24/7​

Your end customers expect top-notch customer service and experience, fast and to the point. Complexity kills the customer experience. Excellent customer service means being focused on providing customers with the information and support they need to use and pay for their water services in a reliable and hassle-free way.

  • Providing accurate and up-to-date information about water quality and safety, and addressing any concerns or issues in a timely manner.
  • Making it easy for customers to view and pay their bills online, or through other convenient methods, and providing clear explanations of all charges.
  • Responding quickly and effectively to customer enquiries, complaints, and service requests, and providing clear and accurate information.
  • Offering flexible payment options for customers experiencing financial hardship.
  • Providing regular updates and alerts about any planned or unplanned service disruptions, and providing estimated times for resolution.

An omnichannel CRM approach, including a self-service portal, intelligent chatbots and more is supported natively by the MECOMS 365 platform.

What’s in it for you?

Water management and leak detection

By examining usage information from water meters, a water company can perform leak detection using a meter data management system (MDM). The MDM can gather information from the water meters and analyze it to look for any anomalies or strange consumption patterns that can point to a leak. Specifically, an MDM can assist with leak detection in the following ways:

  • Monitoring in real-time: MDM can gather data from meters in real-time, allowing water companies to find leaks as they happen and act right away.
  • Analyzing past meter data allows MDM to spot any odd consumption trends, including a rapid rise in water use or a continuous flow when the meter ought to be off.
  • Alarms and notifications: When a suspected leak is discovered, MDMS can be set up to send alerts and notifications to the water utility’s staff, allowing them to act promptly.
  • Sophisticated analytics: To more effectively detect leaks, MDMS can leverage advanced analytics technologies like machine learning.
  • Remote monitoring: Water meters may be monitored remotely thanks to MDMS, allowing utilities to find leakage in hard-to-reach places.

Water utilities can reduce the quantity of water wasted due to leaks and increase the efficiency and accuracy of their leak detection efforts by employing an MDM.

What’s in it for you?

Seamless Meter-To-Cash processes

A seamless meter-to-cash process also allows water utilities to have a better view of their revenue, and improve their cash flow, allowing them to make better financial decisions. MECOMS 365 is an integrated system that connects the data collected by water meters to the billing and payment process for customers. MECOMS 365 automates the billing process, reducing the need for manual intervention, and minimizing errors. Additionally, it enables customers to view and pay their bills online, which makes it more convenient for customers. With MECOMS 365 you can collect your meter readings manually or automatically or via various alternative methods, like a fixed price per tap. All this data can automatically be retrieved and processed into invoices.

What’s in it for you?

Advanced invoicing & collecting debt

A good customer intimacy & debt management strategy is crucial for utilities today. While traditional approaches to debt collection often adopt one size fits all, within MECOMS 365 we enable a segmented approach by taking into account customer payment history and current customer profile to tailor the communication. You can create dashboards to inform your customer service agents with the most appropriate actions to take per customer when they are in debt.

What’s in it for you?

Document output

Turn raw data into clean and neat documents which you can send to your end customers both physically or virtually. The documents you can design within MECOMS 365 range from invoices to reminder letters to payment plan proposals. Thanks to the user-friendly drag & drop interface, you get the most out of your document output.

Highlighted MECOMS 365 solutions and capabilities for water utilities.

Most of the solutions highlighted below have been implemented with existing customers. As there are many options within the platform, we are happy to have a conversation to see what other capabilities might suit you.

Customer Information System

Customer Management

By making use of 360° cockpit screens you have a complete overview of your customer, including their contracts, invoices and cases.

See all CIS Capabilities


Rapidly deliver impeccable bills, encourage timely payments and maximise the payment rate of every customer segment.

See all CIS Capabilities

Payment & Collections

Maximize the amount of timely payments, while minimizing the dunning costs.

See all CIS Capabilities

Product Management

Create or manage your products in a very efficient and flexible way.

See all CIS Capabilities

Contract Management

MECOMS allows you to have fixed, semi-flexible and full flexible pricing models. Advanced contract conditions, such as automatic renewal, auto-balancing, cash-out and take or pay, are all possible.

See all CIS Capabilities

Document Fulfillment

Create, modify and control your various branded documentation from within the platform.

See all CIS Capabilities

Meter Data Management

Smart Metering Management

The MDM module provides you a two-way communication with smart meters and is able to process large volumes of smart metering data.

See all MDM Capbilities

Meter Reading Management

Read efficiently all the meter data you obtain and discover optimisations thanks to the data stream of periodic meters.

See all MDM Capbilities

Meter Information Management

Meter Information Management allows you to store the all information on the meter itself.

See all MDM Capbilities

Validation and Calculation

Your meter readings that are received via various channels can be stored and validated in MECOMS.

See all MDM Capbilities

Customer Engagement

Marketing Automation

Automate various marketing tasks, actions and campaigns to make sure that you have the best customer experience.

See all CE capabilties

Sales Managment

Sales management will help your salespersons in following-up their different opportunities and prospects to convert them into projects and customers.

See all CE capabilties

Customer Service

The customer service module helps you in tracking all customer activities through cases, records all interactions with your customers and solves the different problems they might experience.

See all CE capabilties

Customer Insights

With the AI & Machine Learning capabilities, churn can be predicted, next best actions can be followed, and product recommendations can be given.

See all CE capabilties

Omni-channel Communication

Help your front office agents to better communicate and interact with your customers via chat, video, voice, etc.

See all CE capabilties

Virtual Agents

Empower your teams by building chatbots in a no-code interface.

See all CE capabilties

Customer Self Service

Your end-customers have the ability to log on to a self-service portal that enables and empowers them to find the correct information, to register a request or resolve issues.

See all CE capabilties

MECOMS 365 software for water providers

Experience the true power of MECOMS 365 tailored to the specific needs of your industry.

The MECOMS 365 cloud platform, helps you to empower your employees by improving efficiency through automation. Use business insights to elevate your customer experience and facilitate company growth. 

Secure And Reliable

With a cloud first strategy, we offer you a secure environment to store all your data. As it is managed and hosted in Microsoft Azure technology, the MECOMS platform meets the highest ISO standards. 


As MECOMS 365 is cloud-based, the platform can grow along with your company. This means that, over time, your costs grow in line with your business. ​ 

Increase Productivity

Take full advantage of the cloud, by adding various services to your platform for increased productivity and ultimate ease of use. 

Automate Processes

The MECOMS Enterprise Extensibility Platform (MEEP) offers you the possibility to automate your business processes. 

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software for water utilities

Water utilities play a vital role in maintaining clean and safe water supply for communities. To ensure smooth and efficient operations, it’s crucial to have the right software tools in place. Our top-rated software for water utilities offers a range of features to help you manage everything from billing and payments to leak detection and customer service.

With advanced data analysis capabilities, you can make informed decisions about water usage, monitor water quality, and detect leaks quickly. This allows you to resolve issues faster and reduce costs. Our software also makes it easy to process customer payments and provide detailed billing information. This can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer service inquiries.

Additionally, our software is user-friendly and easy to integrate with your existing systems, so you can get up and running quickly. It’s also highly secure, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and financial data.

Whether you’re managing a large water utility or a small system, our software has everything you need to optimize operations and improve customer service.

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