Maximize your investment and enjoy peace of mind with the MECOMS 365 extended support contract.

Next to the standard MECOMS 365 product maintenance, Ferranti also offers you custom maintenance and support services. This service is based on proven support processes, which are already successfully in place during the past several years in supporting and maintaining existing MECOMS 365 customers like Waterplus, Brabant Water, Luminus, Ores and many more. 


Standard support VS implementation support

Standard Product Support

With MECOMS 365, we offer various solutions to suit the needs of customers within energy and utilities. For example, there are the modules Pricing & Quoting, Customer Engagement, Meter Data Management, ….. With each module, licences are in place that include standard support.

The standard support includes:

  • Product improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Automatically receive the latest updates

Standard support VS implementation support

Implementation Product Support

Customers often have specific requirements, such as integrating MECOMS 365 with other systems or 3rd parties. To maintain these customer-specific demands and code, the implementation product support contract comes in place.

  • Reactive maintenance: We offer you extended support on custom code.
  • Evolution maintenance: We intervene to improve your application by evolving its functions or adding new features at the request of your users.

Want to know more on the implementation product support? Plan a call with one of our experts! It’s free of charge.

Our approach: a service level agreement customized to meet your desired requirements.

For each customer, we describe in detail the application maintenance and support conditions in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This SLA is customized towards the individual customer to meet the desired requirements.  

Central in our approach is that our customers can independently use, manage and handle common support issues on a first level (key users) and on a second functional level together with an experienced Ferranti support team taking care of resolving the more complex incidents and implementing changes and this within a framework of agreed KPIs, in smooth cooperation with the customer.   

In general, we can provide you the following services, which are described more in detail in the SLA:  

Second line support

Optional second line support (L2) by offering onsite and offsite support to the key users.

Third line incident management

Third line incident management and Service Desk. Intake and resolution of incidents according to the agreed KPI’s.

Identify, register and resolve

Identify, register and resolve problems that cause recurring or potential incidents.  

Change management

Intake and high-level analysis of potential changes, consultancy, analysis, development, testing and delivery of agreed changes.   

Pro-active maintenance

Pro-active maintenance by intake and releasing regular MECOMS and Microsoft D365 updates.  

Execute regular releases

Execute regular releases on the different customer environments with optional automatic regression testing. 


In case of hosting of MECOMS 365 within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud solution, Ferranti will act as a contact point for the customer and Microsoft to quickly and effectively resolve incidents that appear in the cloud solution. 

Service review

A regular service review meeting with the Ferranti Service Delivery Manager in which all KPIs, trends and statistics, changes and releases, and other current affairs are reported and discussed.