You are at the driving seat of your career!

Passionate people at the centre of our organisation.

A good fit with the company is very important to us, as we know that the content of your role in IT is only a small part of what contributes to your job satisfaction.

Having passionate colleagues, a pleasant working environment, fun & relaxing off & onsite activities and outstanding coffee (of course) can increase your job happiness. And we get that! So we’ve made sure you can tick all these boxes off your check-list.

At Ferranti, we attach great importance to job satisfaction. Therefore, you are in the driving seat, when it comes to tailoring your career and benefits.

You can build the platform of the future.

Help people all over the world.

You have probably (without knowing it) already come across results generated by MECOMS.

Now, you might think, what do they mean with that? Well, when you receive a bill at home, sophisticated  software makes several calculations to break down your payable consumption to create that bill, which is sent to your home.

Believe it or not but, chances are that the MECOMS platform facilitated this, as we have customers all over the world. (How cool is that!)

Of course, MECOMS can do much more than calculations and send out invoices, so be sure to have a look at our solutions pages, where we explain everything in detail.

So do you want to build the platform of the future, helping billions of end customers? Then be sure to read on!

The perks.
Why work for us?

No traditional consultancy

You will have the opportunity to develop/implement our own MECOMS product at customers in a dedicated team.

In person trainings

Learning from online courses, it’s not always appealing. That’s why we offer in-person training courses.

International career opportunities

As we serve clients all over the world, you have the opportunity to work on different international projects.

Team activities

We believe that an informal team setting strengthens relationships. That is why we organise fun team
activities throughout the year.

Company car and fringe benefits

All (BE) consultants obtain a company car and a competitive salary, complemented with benefits such as meal vouchers, a mobile phone, …

Work in expert teams

As the world of utilities is very niche, you will be surrounded by a team of experts who can take you on a fast track in their market knowledge.

Fun at work

Each month the fun at work team will treat you with surprises like smoothies, a KUBB tournament, pizza’s, chocolates and many more!

Ride to shine

We offer our junior consultants a two year training program where they learn to employ both their hard and soft skills.

Highlighted video

Ferranti Soirée

Join us in this enchanting evening where all Ferrantians came together to enjoy a night filled with surprises and delectable food ✨✨

You'll love our values and culture

The Passionate Crab – Authentic people who speak from the heart and care about success of our customers and the organization

The Committed Beaver – Engaged people with a desire to overcome challenges and make it happen attitude.

The Creative Butterfly – A mindset that steers to overcome challenges with innovative solutions and out of the box thinking delevered by knowledge people with strong expertise

The Partnership of the Ants – An environment of trust where virtual teams blend together internally and externally. The power of partnerships in a connected world.

Life at Ferranti

At Ferranti it is all about you!

People are at the heart of our company! Therefore, we attach great importance to a pleasant environment with plenty of informal moments, where colleagues become true friends.

Find the job of your dreams!

Do you have a technical background or do you prefer to work in a functional position? Are you looking for a new role as manager? Or do you want to reinforce the sales, marketing or HR team. It is possible! Have a look at the vacancies below and find the job of your dreams.