The MECOMS Customer Portal is your resource to thrive as a MECOMS AX Customer while MECOMS Docs is the dedicated resource for all our MECOMS 365 related information.

Did you know?

  1. That you can access directly for all MECOMS 365 related functional and technical product information and documentation?
  2. That the MECOMS AX 2012 portal is accessible via
  3. That the primary partner contact of your company approves the user requests of his/her colleagues?


To get access you need to do the following:

  • No access yet? Register as new user here
  • The primary contact of your company will receive an email to approve your request
  • Once the primary contact has approved the access request, you will receive confirmation by email that access was granted. You are now able to log-in with your own company account. The first time you will try to access one of our systems, you will need to  accept the request of Microsoft to link your company account to Ferranti/MECOMS. This is only asked once.


If you were already granted access, you can just log on with your own company account. 

If you would face any issues, please mail:


This portal is your gateway for everything related to MECOMS and Partnering with us. This should be your go-to portal.


You can request it here.