Services designed to help you get the most out of MECOMS 365.

Besides the implementation of the MECOMS 365 software, we offer various MECOMS services. These services are designed to empower your employees with knowledge through customized trainings, support you with the performance and the quality delivered, and many more. Discover all services below!

To offer you these customized services, we schedule an exploratory call to map out your needs. This way, we can provide you a tailor-made service package so you will get the most out of MECOMS 365.

MECOMS 365 Customer and Partner training

Turn your employees into MECOMS 365 specialist, thanks to tailor-made functional as technical training courses.

MECOMS 365 Solution Implementation.

We guide you every step of the way from initial project start to user acceptance testing, business transition and cutover. Ferranti is specialized in energy and utilities for over forty years. Learn how we can help in your solution delivery.

MECOMS 365 Product Support

Understand our standard product support offerings on MECOMS 365 in more depth. Our One Version, One Support strategy helps you get the most out of your MECOMS 365 investment.

MECOMS 365 Quality Assessment

Quality assessment helps you in analysing ongoing projects and will surface recommendations regarding best practices, resulting in an out-of-the box MECOMS 365 approach.

MECOMS 365 Diagnostic

This pre-project phase is designed to give you insights in current system’s functional area’s, map customer requirements to MECOMS 365 functionality and provide full fit/gap analysis. ​

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