Are you able to manage your grid stability?

In today’s world, a lot of challenges are arising for grid operators. Think of the electrification of our world, where heat pumps, electric vehicles and the move from fossil fuel to renewables are becoming more dominant. Also, the scale of data is becoming more prominent thanks to the introduction of smart meters and IOT. In addition, the transition to a net-zero economy is well underway and will require highly flexible solutions.

These are important challenges that also have a bearing on your day-to-day processes running behind the scenes. We get that, that’s why MECOMS 365 can be your loyal companion in facilitating these changes. 

What’s in it for you?

Fully automated meter data management

MECOMS 365 supports your end-to-end processes for metering data. Metering data is merely an input for processes down the line, whether they concern billing, analysis, redistribution or others. Incoming raw meter data gets calculated and validated following your requirements, whether they are part of a local energy community, complex infeed head points, industrial sites or domestic meters. Our processes are designed in such a way that you only need to look at anomalies and that you can rely on automated processing to take care of everything else.

What’s in it for you?

Insight in process anomalies

The process anomalies we encounter during the process will indicate that something is wrong. Some examples include: the communications module is malfunctioning, a leak is detected, the meter is broken or tampered with, etc. Process anomalies are presented to your team in clear work lists, so they can be treated efficiently.

What’s in it for you?

Rich validation, estimation, and editing routines (VEE)

MECOMS 365 offers you a rich and configurable framework with validation and estimation logic. This helps you to tweak the rules of the system. User-friendly screens with advanced functionality help you edit data when you want to correct any anomalies.

What’s in it for you?

Getting the right performance in a flexible way

MECOMS MDM runs on Azure cloud with all the benefits you would expect, such as flexibility in performance, automated disaster recovery, increased security and seamless connectivity to other platforms.

What’s in it for you?

Business driven process workflow and integration

As many grid operators need to connect to a market hub or other market parties using defined market flows, MECOMS 365 offers its process workflow management the ideal solution for long-running and persistent flows. The processes are visualised to allow for easy detection of mis-matches in the communication.

Highlighted MECOMS 365 solutions and capabilities for grid operators.

Most of the solutions highlighted below have been implemented with existing customers. As there are many options within the platform, we are happy to have a conversation to see what other capabilities might suit you.

Meter Data Management

Smart Metering Management

The MDM module provides you with two-way communications with smart meters and is able to process large volumes of smart metering data. 

See all MDM Capbilities

Meter Reading Management

Read efficiently all the meter data you obtain and discover optimisations thanks to the data stream of periodic meters. 

See all MDM Capbilities

Meter Information Management

Meter information management allows you to store all the information about the metering device itself. 

See all MDM Capbilities

Validation and Calculation

Your meter readings that are received via various channels can be stored and validated in MECOMS 365. 

See all MDM Capbilities

Field Service

Planned Maintenance

The platform offers you full flexibility in defining maintenance schedules for preventive maintenance.

See all Field Service Capabilities

Asset Management

Utilities Asset Management supports you by providing an overview of all work orders, regardless whether they are customer-facing or internal. 

See all Field Service Capabilities

Operations Management

Operations management makes sure that your work in the field runs smoothly. 

See all Field Service Capabilities

Work Order Management

Work order management, provides you accurate information about all relevant work and tasks. 

See all Field Service Capabilities

Low-Code PowerApps

With the low-code power apps, you can create applications that streamline your processes, increase your efficiency, and automate manual tasks.

See all Field Service Capabilities

Integration & orchestration


The MECOMS platform empowers business owners to easily integrate their increasingly diversified systems and applications across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, enabling them to rapidly adapt to changing business needs and centralized all their integrations points in one flexible platform.

See all Integration and Orchestration Capabilities


With our robust platform, businesses can confidently manage their end-to-end processes with ease, eliminate manual errors, and automate all business workflows as complex as they might be.

See all Integration and Orchestration Capabilities


Process automation is a key aspect for any enterprise to scale up and optimize operations. The MECOMS 365 platform gives all the necessary capabilities to automate any use cases around the organization and have it easily integrated with the other business applications.

See all Integration and Orchestration Capabilities

MECOMS 365 software for grid operators

Discover the power of MECOMS 365 for your industry.

Wondering how MECOMS 365 can strengthen your operations? Our experts are happy to listen to your story and needs!

Secure And Reliable

With a cloud first strategy, we offer you a secure environment to store all your data. As it is managed and hosted in Microsoft Azure technology, the MECOMS 365 platform meets the highest ISO values.


As MECOMS 365 is cloud-based, the platform can grow along with your company. This means that, over time, your costs can grow in line with your business.

Increase Productivity

Take full advantage of the cloud, by adding various services to your platform for increased productivity and ultimate ease of use.

Automate Processes

The MECOMS Enterprise Extensibility Platform (MEEP) offers you the possibility to automate your business processes.

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Software for Grid Operators

If you are a grid operator, you know that managing the energy grid can be a complex and challenging task. To help you streamline your operations, there are software solutions specifically designed for grid operators that can help you manage the flow of energy more efficiently and effectively.

One key benefit of using software for grid operators is improved data management. With these tools, you can collect and analyse data in real time to gain insights into grid performance, identify potential issues, and optimize your energy distribution. This can help you make better decisions about energy usage, reduce waste and costs, and enhance grid stability and reliability.

Another advantage of using software for grid operators is increased automation. These tools can automate many routine tasks and processes, such as monitoring grid performance, tracking energy usage, and managing equipment maintenance. This can help you free up staff time and resources, reduce the risk of errors, and improve overall productivity.

There are many different software options available for grid operators, so it’s important to choose the right solution for your specific needs. Look for a solution that offers the features you need, such as real-time monitoring and data analysis, automation capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces.

In summary, using software for grid operators can help you manage your energy grid more effectively, reduce costs and waste, and improve overall performance and reliability. By investing in the right software solution for your needs, you can streamline your operations and achieve greater success in managing your energy distribution.

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