Are you a pioneer in the energy transition?

When looking at energy transition, renewable energy is high on the priority list. Ensuring that your heat can be generated for affordable prices is a must. Using collective renewable sources such as biomass or waste heat from industries is preferred to individual gas powered heating systems. Not only is renewable energy of paramount importance, the prevention of heat loss is a daily challenge for most companies. Having a software that 1. helps your co-workers to predict heat demand, 2. that allows you to have an overview of all your heat networks and 3. that can deliver you a 360° degree customer view, is essential in addressing the above-mentioned challenges.

What’s in it for you?

Monitor intraday volumes

Stay ahead of thermal losses and inform your customers more effectively thanks to intraday volumes. With the use of smart meters, you can start comparing volumes on a daily basis. With MECOMS 365, you can quickly calculate all these volumes and convert them into handy overviews. This allows you to better inform your customers about their consumption compared, for instance, to the average consumption of their neighbors in their locality. This way they actively monitor their consumption and take corrective measures when needed.

What’s in it for you?

Integrate multiple heat networks and legal entities

As a heat company, you often have several, small heat networks in your portfolio that each serve a different district. Having  software that allows you to monitor all these networks/entities in one platform is therefore most effective and cost-saving. MECOMS 365 allows you to have multiple entities. For each entity, you can send out a different invoice packaged with their own layout.

What’s in it for you?

Flexible calculations of heat consumption

As a heat supplier, there are different ways to calculate heat consumptions. For instance, with MECOMS 365 you can make calculations using degree days, you can use profile-based scaling or work with correction factors. Of course, there are other ways to perform calculations, which we are happy to tailor to your needs.

Highlighted MECOMS 365 solutions and capabilities for heat companies.

Most of the solutions highlighted below have been implemented with existing customers. As there are many options within the platform, we are happy to have a conversation to see what other capabilities might suit you.

Customer Information System

Customer Management

By making use of 360° cockpit screens you have a complete overview of your customer, including their contracts, invoices and cases. 

See all CIS Capabilities


Rapidly deliver impeccable bills, encourage timely payments and maximise the payment rate of every customer segment.

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Payment & Collections

Maximise the amount of timely payments, while minimizing the dunning costs.

See all CIS Capabilities

Product Management

Create or manage your products in a very efficient and flexible way.

See all CIS Capabilities

Contract Management

MECOMS 365 allows you to have fixed, semi-flexible and full flexible pricing models. Advanced contract conditions, such as automatic renewal, auto-balancing, cash-out and take or pay, are all possible.

See all CIS Capabilities

Document Fulfillment

Create, modify and control your various branded documentation from within the platform.

See all CIS Capabilities

Meter Data Management

Smart Metering Management

The MDM module provides you with a two-way communication with smart meters and is able to process large volumes of smart metering data.

See all MDM Capbilities

Meter Reading Management

Read efficiently all the meter data you obtain and discover optimisations thanks to the data stream of periodic meters.

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Meter Information Management

Meter Information Management allows you to store all information about the metering device itself.

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Validation and Calculation

Your meter readings that are received via various channels can be stored and validated in MECOMS.

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MECOMS 365 software for district heating providers

Experience the true power of MECOMS 365 tailored to the specific needs of your industry.

The MECOMS 365 cloud platform, helps you to empower your employees by improving efficiency through automation. Use business insights to elevate your customer experience and facilitate company growth.

Secure and Reliable

With a cloud first strategy, we offer you a secure environment to store all your data. As it is managed and hosted in Microsoft Azure technology, the MECOMS platform meets the highest ISO standards.


As MECOMS 365 is cloud-based, the platform can grow along with your company. This means that, over time, your costs grow in line with your business. ​

Increase Productivity

Take full advantage of the cloud, by adding various services to your platform for increased productivity and ultimate ease of use.

Automate Processes

The MECOMS Enterprise Extensibility Platform (MEEP) offers you the possibility to automate your business processes.

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Software for Heat Utilities

Are you a heat utility provider looking to streamline your operations and improve your customer service? Look no further than our state-of-the-art software for heat utilities!

Our software is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of heat utilities, providing powerful tools to manage everything from billing and payments to equipment maintenance and customer communication. With our software, you can automate many of your day-to-day tasks, freeing up your staff to focus on more strategic initiatives and delivering the best possible service to your customers.

One of the key benefits of our software is its ability to track usage and generate accurate bills. With our software, you can easily monitor energy consumption for each customer and generate bills based on that usage, ensuring that your billing is accurate and fair. This not only helps you avoid disputes and errors, but it also helps your customers understand their energy usage and take steps to conserve energy and reduce their bills.

In addition to billing, our software also includes features for equipment maintenance and repair. With our system, you can easily track maintenance schedules and history for each piece of equipment, schedule repairs and replacements, and monitor performance and efficiency. This helps you keep your equipment in top condition, reducing downtime and improving the reliability of your service.

Another key feature of our software is its customer communication tools. With our system, you can send targeted communications to your customers, providing them with valuable information about their energy usage, updates on service disruptions, and notifications about upcoming maintenance or repairs. This helps you build stronger relationships with your customers and improves their overall experience with your service.

Overall, our software for heat utilities is a powerful tool for improving efficiency, reducing errors, and delivering better service to your customers.

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