Automate and optimize your quoting process from a sales opportunity into a signed contract.

With MECOMS 365 Pricing & Quoting (P&Q), you have the ability to create individual quotes and invoices for all of your customers at any time. In these quotes, the P&Q solution can take various factors into account. Think about the index in a particular market, the margins you want to add, whether you are going to give a discount, …

This all is possible thanks to highly automated processes tailored to the fast pace of your industry. That way, you always stay one step ahead of the competition. Although, automation is just one of the numerous areas in which the P&Q software can help you and your colleagues. We therefore like to zoom in on different capabilities and how they can enhance, streamline and maximize your day-to-day operations.

Product Configuration

Design the products you want to bring to the market and easily adapt them in this fast-evolving industry.


Automate your sales process from qualifying a lead, creating an opportunity and calculating different quotes for an account.

Dynamic pricing

Our dynamic pricing solution can help you optimise the billing cycle for dynamically priced contracts using the latest market pricing data.​

PRICING & QUOTING - Product Bundle Design - MECOMS Ferranti

Pricing & quoting capabilities

Product Bundle Design

In an increasingly competitive market, having on-spot product offerings adapted to the changing customer needs is essential. Within the solution you have the ability to create product bundles that can combine multi-utility products such as gas and electricity or go beyond the utility and offer a bundle with non-commodity products.

PRICING & QUOTING - Opportunity Management - MECOMS Ferranti

Pricing & quoting capabilities

Opportunity Management

Once a lead is qualified, the sales team can immediately create an opportunity for that account. Several quotes can be generated for different periods or different options you might want to offer to that customer.

PRICING & QUOTING - Quote Cost Calculation - MECOMS Ferranti

Pricing & quoting capabilities

Quote Cost Calculation

Within the MECOMS 365 P&Q solution, the calculations for each of the quote items you want to propose to the customers are fully automated. Your sales teams can focus on meaningful conversations with end your customers to reach a signed agreement.

Pricing & quoting capabilities - Pricing Breakdowns - Ferranti MECOMS

Pricing & quoting capabilities

Pricing Breakdowns

Once the customer has signed the contract, our MECOMS pricing engine will make sure the correct prices are being calculated for every consumption interval taken from the market prices. This can typically be 15 minutes values or any other time interval used. All calculations will happen in the cloud, ensuring high performance and scalability as you need. ​


Modern Cloud Technology

With the MECOMS 365 Pricing and Quoting solution, we have extended the native functionalities of the Dynamics 365 Sales & Finance module to provide a tailored solution for B2B utility suppliers.​

MECOMS 365 Platform

Take a look at the MECOMS 365 platform

The MECOMS 365 cloud platform, helps you to empower your employees by improving efficiency through automation. Use business insights to elevate your customer experience and facilitate company growth.

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Pricing and Quoting software for energy and utilities.

Energy and utility companies require a sophisticated pricing and quoting solution to meet the demands of the industry. Inconsistent quotes can lead to lost business, while overpriced quotes can deter customers from choosing your company. Our pricing and quoting software offers a comprehensive solution for energy and utility companies, streamlining the quoting process, ensuring accuracy, and ultimately driving revenue.

Our software is designed specifically for the energy and utility industry, taking into consideration the complex pricing structures and requirements. With real-time data and analytics, our solution empowers companies to make informed pricing decisions, ensuring quotes are both accurate and competitive.

In addition, the software makes it effortless to create professional quotes that are tailored to each customer. Automated follow-up capabilities ensure timely communication with customers and increase the chances of successful quotes.

Choose our pricing and quoting software for a reliable and effective solution to meet the demands of your industry. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly design, it is the ideal tool for streamlining your quoting process and maximizing revenue.