The software platform that powers the worlds leading energy suppliers.

The MECOMS 365 Ecosystem combines capabilities from the MECOMS 365 product range with solutions from our technology partners and knowledge from our local implementation partners.

MECOMS 365 Partners are among the best in their respective geographies. They combine technical prowess with detailed knowledge of local markets. Furthermore, we closely collaborate with all of them.

Our team can assist you in the following activities

Market – With

We help you in your go-to market and marketing activities to spread the awareness of MECOMS 365 in new geographies and new markets.

Sell – With

Get support on product demonstrations, proposals, proof of concepts and pilots. Obtain your own demo environment and get expert financial advice for all Dynamics 365 and MECOMS 365 components.

Implement – With

As a partner you can have your own customer contracts, you can manage entire projects, implement a broader Microsoft technology stack and own support- maintenance contracts.

We will help you by offering the right resources, so we can deliver successful projects.

Training & Certification

All regional and worldwide MECOMS Partners have passed a rigorous training and certification program.

Key to the certification programme is MECOMS 365 Learn, which provides thorough documentation, online e-learning and classroom training courses at multiple locations. It performs instruction, assessment and certification for future MECOMS 365 practitioners, who need to pass rigorous tests to prove their technical expertise, insight in the utilities business and understanding of local markets. MECOMS Learn offers training and certification, both to partners and end-customers.

Become a MECOMS partner

We empower our Partners to continuously improve their capabilities to ensure successful implementations around the world. MECOMS 365 projects have a remarkably short implementation time, remain within budget, and are eagerly adopted by their new users.

We are seeking new partners across all countries and continents who are looking to partner with a trusted Microsoft member, leading the way in customer service and billing for energy and utility companies around the world. Talk to us today about how we can work together.

If you are interested in becoming a MECOMS Partner, please contact Cesanne Kerkhof via the form on the right.

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februari 13, 2024

Powering the Future: Ferranti and Microsoft Revolutionize Utility Solutions with Dataverse and Microsoft Fabric Integration

At Ferranti, we are proud to have reimagined our utility billing and customer engagement solution, MECOMS, with the powerful integration of Microsoft Fabric and the Dataverse platform. As a leading provider of solutions for energy and utility companies, we understand the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Seamless […]

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Revolutionising Customer Experience

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The secret to eliminating Customer Churn? Think like a Tech firm.

The secret to eliminating Customer Churn? Think like a Tech firm. Many innovative start- and scale-ups – both inside the Energy and Utilities industry and out – are harnessing the latest cloud innovations to eliminate customer churn. While these companies are services providers from the customer’s perspective – internally they’re tech firms first. The common […]

augustus 21, 2023

Connect with Formpipe at BOOST CONNECT

About Formpipe and Ferranti The energy sector is under significant scrutiny due to rising utility costs, global conflicts affecting supply, and a heightened demand for renewable energy. Coupled with a slowing economy, it’s anticipated that global energy consumption will increase by only 1.3% in 2023. Additionally, the utilities industry, framed within a stringent regulatory environment, […]

februari 28, 2023

The MECOMS and Consolware partnership.

The MECOMS Partner Ecosystem is an important part of the company’s strategy. Thanks to a wide network of trusted partners, MECOMS’ utility industry software is implemented all over the world. One of those partners is Consolware, an international company with headquarters in Germany. The partnership between the two organisations is as strong as ever. “We […]

februari 28, 2023

Ferranti and Ellipse Solutions Partner

Ellipse Solutions and Ferranti Computer Systems (Ferranti) have agreed to a partnership that will help local and state governments, as well as utility companies, run a true end-to-end solution using Dynamics 365 and MECOMS 365. After many years in the public sector marketplace reviewing government Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Ellipse Solutions recognized a growing inclusion of utility billing requirements […]

januari 14, 2022

A partnership built on trust: why MECOMS and Solgari work so well together

Innovation is a keyword in MECOMS’ philosophy. The MECOMS 365 platform is the perfect example of how the company pushes itself to bring a top-notch, innovative solution to the utility industry.