Joulz, the single point of contact for customers' energy questions.


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Ferranti customer: Joulz

Since 2004, Joulz has been part of the Ferranti customer family. They chose Ferranti thanks to our extended metering system knowledge in Oracle, to elevate their metering data processes.

More on Joulz

Joulz fulfills the role of advisor in sustainable energy solutions. Besides advising, they act as a metering company for registering the energy consumption of its customers. With Joulz as an energy partner, you get a lot of extras as a customer. They think along with you. About meters, savings and subsidies, but also about your opportunities for the future.

As a measurement company, or measurement manager, Joulz collects, validates and distributes measurement data. With a scoring percentage of 99.99% correct metering data, they ensure that customers are charged for their actual consumption.

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