Ferranti 4 Charity: Uniting Hearts for Meaningful Impact

Joyce De Smit

Fun at Work Ambassador


oktober 23, 2023




Joyce De Smit



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At Ferranti, we prioritize our social responsibility and are deeply committed to creating a meaningful impact. A few years ago, we proudly introduced “Ferranti 4 Charity,” a heartfelt initiative that unites our entire organization in a collective effort to raise funds for various charitable causes.

How does it work?

Each year, we select a new cause. Our mission is to make a meaningful impact by supporting numerous organizations. The choice of charity rests entirely in the hands of our Ferranti colleagues, who vote for the cause closest to their hearts.

Once the charity is chosen, the real excitement begins, as our vibrant “Fun at Work” team springs into action, curating numerous engaging initiatives.

Throughout the past few years, we’ve witnessed the magic of generosity through a series of wonderful events, including:

  • Colleagues that could buy croques during lunch
  • The offering of freshly made spaghetti
  • Some tasty sweets brought to the colleagues desks
  • And to top it all off, experiencing the enchantment of the Ferranti Christmas market.

For which charity are we raising money this year?

More information will follow soon!

Which charities have we already supported?

2023: Boven De Wolken

Amount collected:€2.500✨ collected and doubled by Ferranti, so donated ✨ €5.000

Boven De Wolken is a heartfelt initiative dedicated to capturing precious moments of Stillchilds✨ and their families. This compassionate organization provides professional photography services, creating lasting memories for families during challenging times.

For more information, visit the Boven De Wolken website via the following link: https://www.bovendewolken.be/

2022: UZA immunotherapie

Amount collected:€3.659✨ collected and doubled by Ferranti, so donated ✨ €7.318

Immunotherapy is a novel form of treatment for blood and lymph node cancers, utilizing the patient’s own immune system to target and destroy cancer cells. Unlike the conventional cancer treatments involving chemotherapy and radiation, immunotherapy directly focuses on killing cancer cells. By combining immunotherapy with traditional treatments, the chances of cure or disease control for specific cancers can be significantly increased.

For more information, visit the UZA Foundation website via the following link: https://www.uza.be/immunotherapie

Some impressions

2021: Marie VZW

Amount collected:€1.308✨ collected and doubled by Ferranti, so donated ✨€2.616

The We Love Mariefonds provides accessible support to children who are chronically ill or experience illness and the loss of a loved one.They alleviate their sorrow and encourage open conversations. For this purpose, they utilize Star Guardians dolls, an accompanying picture book, and the audio story ‘The Cloud Story.’

More about the We Love Marie Fund can be found here: https://www.welovemariefonds.store/

2019: Revalidatiecentrum Pulderbos

Amount collected:€3.400✨ collected and doubled by Ferranti, so donated ✨€6.800

At Pulderbos Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adolescents vzw (Pulderbos for short), children and young people aged 0 to 21 can receive comprehensive rehabilitation services. The center caters to a maximum of 96 children with epilepsy, (chronic) respiratory conditions, and associated issues, non-traumatic brain injuries (NAH), spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy (CP), peripheral neurogenic or myogenic disorders. Additionally, Pulderbos also addresses the needs of children with psychosomatic or somatically unexplained physical complaints (SOLK).

More about Revalidatiecentrum Pulderbos can be found here: https://www.revapulderbos.be/Over-Pulderbos/Algemeen/Id/16/Algemeen

2018: VZW Lilly

Amount collected:€1 534.65✨ collected and doubled by Ferranti, so donated ✨€3 069,30

With Associazione Lilly – or, for many, the Lilly family – they are committed to helping stray dogs in Sardinia. But what does this actually entail, you may wonder? Lilly supports three shelters, two located on the island’s east coast, and one on the west coast. They provide them with food and supplies, assist with the sterilization and castration of abandoned pups, and work together to find loving homes for these dogs.

The Lilly family is a close-knit organization comprised of dedicated volunteers. Their motto is: “Everyone does what they can AND want to do!” As a non-profit organization, they rely on donations, monthly auctions, and the proceeds from numerous flea markets they organize. In essence, each member contributes their own part, making them a group united in their mission.

More about VZW Lilly can be found here: https://www.lillyvzw.be/informatie

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