For more than five years, Nexer is helping to implement MECOMS 365 at customers in EMEA.


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About Ferranti partner: Nexer Group

Nexer is a global tech company with strong roots in the Swedish heritage of entrepreneurship and innovation. In a world gone digital, they keep our customers one step ahead with the MECOMS 365 technology.

Some of the world’s largest and most demanding businesses rely on the dedication and expertise within digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IT and R&D. Nexer and Ferranti secure that progress by exploring cutting-edge tech, pushing to innovate, and sharing skills within strategy, technology and communication.

Nexer has 2,300 experts in 15 countries. The company is a part of the Danir group, a Swedish privately held business with 10,000 co-workers in 18 countries. Before 2021, Nexer operated as Sigma IT.

"The Nexer management team is passionate about contributing to your digital transformation, together with MECOMS 365"