Corona Energy increases market share with MECOMS



Functional Scope

Advanced Metering Infrastructure – AMR – Billing and Credit Management – Business Intelligence – Country Pack – CRM – Customer Communication – Customer Management – EUCA – Finance – Interaction Management – Market Communication – Meter Data Management –
Microsoft Dynamics AX – Performance Management – Portfolio Management –
Product Management – Validation and Calculation

Process Scope

Source – Sell – Manage Assets – Contract – Market Report & Control – Bill & Collect


EMEA: United Kingdom

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Ferranti customer: Corona Energy

As of 2009, Corona Energy has been part of the Ferranti Customer Family. Corona Energy selected Ferranti’s MECOMS product, since it was the only solution covering all their challenges, explained below.

More on Corona Energy

Corona Energy a leading independent energy supplier to UK businesses delivering 11% of the Industrial and Commercial gas market across 8000 customers.

Corona Energy challenges the status quo in everything they do, and deliver quality, simplicity and value to UK businesses. It’s their goal to save customers time, energy and money, and with over 180 experts all on one floor in Hertfordshire, you will always get straight through to a member of our team who can help.

"Building the software platform for Corona Energy is not just a project, it's a partnership. A partnership that requires collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to creating a sustainable energy future." - Faisal Mulla, Ferranti Solution Manager


Due to growth and acquisitions, the incumbent system (In-house development & Foxpro) was not up to the task anymore. There was a lot of data duplication due to manual processing.

This created a need for an IT system that would allow Corona Energy to be creative and to excel in their business. A key process would be advanced B2B contracting: creating tailored contracts to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

Furthermore, Corona Energy needed a system for both utility-specific processes and general ERP processes, to centralise all processes into one system.

A number of platforms were evaluated in the sales trajectory as well as the option to continue bespoke development, perhaps on a newer technology than Foxpro.

Corona Energy decided in favour of MECOMS due to the cultural chemistry (flexible & dynamic) of the Ferranti people, their passion and the strong knowledge of utilities. The Ferranti product strategy and future vision, together with the MECOMS functionalities and possibilities, were strong factors in the decision-making process.


Implementation highlights

In 2009, Corona Energy selected Ferranti’s MECOMS product, since it was the only solution covering all the challenges above. During requirement workshops, the scope was significantly broadened to include more processes.

The switch to MECOMS improved productivity at Corona Energy while improving the business processes and gaining more control and quality.


Business value

The MECOMS implementation at Corona Energy provides a utility solution and ERP in one integrated system. It leverages Ferranti’s business knowledge and experience in the utility market.

It is fully compliant with UK gas supply legislation, covering processes such as SPA, MAM and AQ review. The system is future-proof: it provides agility to grow business and add additional energy types. Moreover, by integrating many business processes, complexity and interfacing costs have been reduced significantly.

The MECOMS product offers Corona Energy greater data accuracy, resulting in higher percentages of billed consumptions with fewer queries. This is one of the aspects that helped to reduce cost-to-serve so Corona Energy can fully focus on expanding the business.

Additionally, the sophisticated B2B contract builder allows Corona Energy commercial agility and insight in the profitability of its customers. This allows Corona Energy to grow while remaining nimble and creative.

According to Corona Energy, Ferranti’s passion to make this project a success and a reference story for Corona Energy’s internal expansion was one of the key success factors of the project.

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