Dorad supplies more than 7% of the total electricity produced in Israel with high efficiency, reliability and availability, all while helping to preserve the environment.





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Ferranti customer: Dorad Energy

Independent Power Producer, Dorad Energy Ltd. was incorporated in 2002 for the purpose of engaging in the generation of electricity and its supply to private end-user clients.

Dorad is owned by the Eilat-Ashkelon Infrastructure Services Company Ltd (EAIS) – 37.5%, Zorlu Energy – 25%, U. Dori Energy – 18.75%, and Edelcom – 18.75%.

The company has constructed a combined-cycle power plant south of Ashkelon, fired by natural gas as the primary fuel source (with diesel oil as backup), with a production capacity of approximately 840 Megawatts, at a cost of US $1.1 billion.

The full electricity generation capacity of the power station has been sold to end-user clients at tariffs that are competitive with Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) tariffs.

Transmission of the electricity to the Company’s clients is carried out through the IEC grid according to the provisions of the Electricity Sector Law 5756-1996 and its associated regulations, and the standards and tariffs determined by the Electricity Authority.



"I am proud to lead Dorad which has committed to bring low-cost electricity to every city and home in Israel" - Eli Asulin CEO Dorad Energy

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