Gruppo Società Gas Rimini chooses MECOMS 365 to strengthen its ambition in the Italian energy market.





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Ferranti Computer Systems N.V. is excited to welcome Gruppo Società Gas Rimini S.p.A. to the family of MECOMS 365 customers benefitting from the latest release of the MECOMS product suite. Following an extensive engagement process, Gruppo SGR selected MECOMS used by over 50 utilities worldwide as their platform of choice for the future. The reason of the choice made by the Italian utility rely upon the innovative verticalization specifically developed for the Italian market named MECOMS4ITA.

Ferranti’s business unit manager for Europe Michiel Gedopt said: “This is an exciting step in Ferranti’s ambitions in Italy. Following our successful deployment at Sorgenia this allows to deeply innovate and further extend our product capabilities for the Italian market in a cloud driven approach with new features and function that will turn to be true Key Success Factor. “

People has always been the success of SGR group, Ferranti believes the match of culture of both companies is a key success factor in this partnership. The name Ferranti originates from an Italian engineer Sebastian Ziani Di Ferranti who moved to the UK a long time ago. It is exciting to see the business coming full circle with a return to Ferranti’s Italian roots.

MECOMS4ITA and MECOMS 365 is based on the Microsoft business platform Dynamics 365. The integrated approach to customer engagement, customer care & billing and meter data management is a strong proposition to offer a customer experience driven solution at an attractive cost to serve.

MECOMS 365 is the result of more than 40 years of experience in the utility industry. Ferranti has offices and a network of certified partners across the globe. As a vertical solution provider, we deliver our MECOMS 365 platform to energy and utility companies. This platform gives you access to the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365; tailored to the specific needs of an energy and utility company.

SGR – Gruppo Società Gas Rimini has been operating within the Italian market of the natural gas distribution and sale since 1959 and covers a position of market and operational excellence, placing itself among the main private unquoted companies. In these years the company has established itself in the deregulated market through the launch of innovative and flexible offers aiming to provide complete energy service in a range that include gas and electricity offers, energy efficiency solution and services to small/medium/large companies, public administrations and retail clients.

Gruppo SGR selected MECOMS used by over 50 utilities worldwide as their platform of choice for the future.

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