Cloud Energy Software creates custom software to help businesses grow and improve their operations.


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About Ferranti partner: Cloud Energy Software

Cloud Energy Software creates custom software to help businesses grow and improve their operations. They offer services such as software development, data integration & visualisation, cloud solutions and web development. They can deploy entire software development teams into clients to help them meet their technical needs. They work across all domains and industries, with a specific focus on utilities, energy, manufacturing and local authorities.  They specialise in building products that capture, integrate and visualise data to help organisations make informed strategic decisions.  Their HQ is in Manchester, UK with offices in Mumbai, India.


What is the cooperation with Ferranti about?

Ferranti and Cloud Energy Software have entered into a strategic partnership to ensure clients using the MECOMS solution continue to receive the best of breed in every component of the solution.  Cloud Energy Software has developed Customer Portals for every scenario, whether a simple engagement tool or a fully customised and integrated Digital Portal.  Our Customer Portals have already been chosen and implemented by MECOMS customers.  With a formal arrangement in place, we can now introduce Cloud Energy Software as our Customer Portal partner for MECOMS.

How you see the future cooperation evolving?

At Cloud Energy Software we are really excited about the opportunity to support MECOMS & Ferranti customers with improved customer engagement.  We believe this collaboration will help to increase engagement with MECOMS & Ferranti customers as well inform ways of working with partners & clients and we believe this partnership will lead to significant insights and improvement to the services we are able to support MECOMS delivering to its clients, leading to a long term, fruitful partnership between us both.

"Ferranti/Mecoms is a leader in the field of delivering software solutions to clients in the energy and utilities sectors. It also has the strength to recognise that certain solution elements required by customers can be better met by using strategic partnerships. We are delighted to be Ferranti/Mecoms preferred provider for Digital Customer Portals to their customers."