MECOMS and Consolware have a partnership “that just makes sense”: “It’s the perfect combination of both our expertise”

Leonid Bliachov



februari 28, 2023




Joyce De Smit

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The MECOMS Partner Ecosystem is an important part of the company’s strategy. Thanks to a wide network of trusted partners, MECOMS’ utility industry software is implemented all over the world. One of those partners is Consolware, an international company with headquarters in Germany. The partnership between the two organisations is as strong as ever. “We have a very open relationship and do everything together. That’s what makes this such a success”, says Consolware’s CEO Leonid Bliachov. 

With clients from the Seychelles to Scotland, Latvia, and Italy, Consolware has managed to make its mark around the globe.  Since its inception, the company has been working with MECOMS. “Our distributed team amount to five hundred specialists with a very deep understanding of the Microsoft technology and includes the team of thirty MECOMS certified software specialists ”, Bliachov explains. 

Specific speciality  

What makes it so interesting to work with MECOMS, according to the CEO? “Well, they’re not doing everything in the IT world”, Bliachov laughs. “Many companies offer many solutions—too many. MECOMS focuses on the utility sector and has done so for decades. This specialisation is an advantage: they know the industry like no one else and understand its needs and processes, so they develop new features accordingly. We like working with partners who have such a specific speciality, and our clients prefer that as well.” Especially clients in the utility sector, Bliachov adds: “They need a platform tailored to their industry because they require very flexible yet strong infrastructure and technology combined with market-specific intelligence.”

Being an ambitious company with eyes set on conquering many more countries, it’s equally important for Consolware to have a partner who can match their international plans. “Teaming up with a company who only offers a one-country solution wouldn’t fit with our ideas”, the CEO admits. “It would limit our business development, to be honest. MECOMS is globalising, gladly adapting their software to other countries’ requirements. So their vision on internationalisation aligns well with ours. At the same time, they have the right amount of humility when it comes to their development and growth. When they have a new plan or create a new feature, they don’t rush it. They take it step by step, making sure they get everything right, analysing how a new feature or decision could affect customers. So they have a great balance between innovative big ambitions and caution. That’s what makes MECOMS such a professional partner.”

For MECOMS too, Consolware has been a long standing partner. “Consolware is more than only a system integrator partner. They have built and invested in  MECOMS skills over the years  that we leverage far outside the joint projects we do together. This is a win-win for everyone. We can often rely on their support and services while they keep their MECOMS professional staff working on MECOMS technology”, says former MECOMS Partner Alliances Manager Michiel Gedopt. “We are very pleased with our partnership with Consolware and their Russian colleagues at GMCS.”

The best of the best

The heart of the MECOMS partner ecosystems is people, Bliachov adds. “We are really excited to be working with professionals like Michiel Gedopt, MECOMS Partner Alliances Manager, MECOMS CCO Johan Vandekerckhove and many others. Their contribution to the development of partners is invaluable.“ 

According to the CEO, two companies working together in such a tight way isn’t your typical situation. “When you think about it, it’s kind of amazing that it works so well. It’s a complex partnership in the sense that we do a lot together, so we need to trust each other a lot too.” Consolware doesn’t just implement MECOMS’ software. No, the two companies do everything before and after that step together: marketing, selling, even building the platform. “We exchange information about the market or, for example, local requirements so that MECOMS can use all that to continue to build the software with new features”, Bliachov explains. 

Same with the selling and marketing process: “MECOMS involves us in everything and the other way around. It’s a win-win deal. Not just for our companies, but for clients as well. And thanks to MECOMS’ wide partner ecosystem, we have a wider network, too. When we’re looking for a partner for a specific project in a specific country, MECOMS can connect us with one of their partners who might be the right fit for us to collaborate with.”

Gedopt agrees that the two companies take care of each other on all levels: “We have built a relationship of trust with Consolware. We discuss the go-to market together and see how we can help each other be successful. Consolware took a strategic decision in leveraging MECOMS as their go-to market vehicle. We are honored about their choice but that also comes with responsibilities. We owe them the respect in always looking for new ways of working together while they stay current in the technologies and features our solutions provide.

Growing together

As for the future, Bliachov can’t imagine it without MECOMS. “Due to COVID-19 every company is experiencing a challenging time, but MECOMS and Consolware support each other. We can’t meet face to face, but we still communicate remotely very often. We share information, go over marketing strategies and share business reviews. That’s more important than ever. And of course, we make plans for the future!”

Consolware’s future plans include development of ongoing projects. For example: billing systems based on MECOMS in Baltic Countries, Eastern Europe, Germany, UK. The power and utility industry are undergoing a global transformation – consolidation, decarbonization, new economies and business models, digital strategies etc. For many players MECOMS is at the center of such change. “Our focus going forward is to meet the most pressing needs of customers”, Bliachov says.

In 2021 MECOMS and Consolware have two big visions: “Bringing MECOMS software to a new region in Europe and working on a deal with a new client”, Bliachov says. “If you don’t have big ambitions, you don’t win anything. And we strongly believe that MECOMS can quickly win new markets. And as they grow, we grow with them. Very exciting!”

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