"We remain committed to delivering solutions that exceed expectations and propel our clients towards a more sustainable future."

Johan Vandekerkhove

CCO Ferranti


februari 13, 2024


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Srikumar Nair, Microsoft



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At Ferranti, we are proud to have reimagined our utility billing and customer engagement solution, MECOMS, with the powerful integration of Microsoft Fabric and the Dataverse platform. As a leading provider of solutions for energy and utility companies, we understand the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Seamless Data Management: Dataverse and Microsoft Fabric Integration at Work

With Dataverse’s seamless integration with Microsoft Fabric, we have revolutionized how utility companies manage their vast amounts of data. Traditionally, utilities generate substantial data from sources like smart meters, which accumulate rapidly and present significant challenges for processing and analysis. MECOMS, originally designed for back-end customer billing, has now expanded its capabilities to provide proactive suggestions and insights to end customers, all powered by the wealth of data stored within Dataverse.

Through the innovative Dataverse to Fabric integration, Dynamics data stored in Dataverse seamlessly merges and consolidates with real-time meter data, all without the need for cumbersome data movement. This means that our clients can focus on building meaningful business logic and applications without worrying about complex data orchestration and pipeline development.

Working closely with Microsoft during the development of this integration has allowed us to stay at the forefront of technological innovation without diverting resources towards building infrastructure from scratch. By leveraging the latest advancements in no-copy, no-ETL integration, along with the robust capabilities of Fabric, we have been able to concentrate on enhancing MECOMS to better serve the needs of utility companies and their customers.

“We worked closely with Microsoft at the time when Dataverse and Fabric integration was being developed. We were able to leverage the latest innovations in no-copy, no-ETL integration as well as Fabric capabilities without building features or laying out infrastructure on our own – this enabled us to focus on building and reimagining the solution that we specialize on…” Ian Bruyninckx, Lead Product Architect, Ferranti

Empowering Insights: Proactive Suggestions and Customer Engagement

This integration has not only streamlined our development processes but has also enabled us to deliver solutions that provide tangible value to our clients. With features like detailed sensor data analysis and AI-driven suggestions, our customer-facing portal built on MECOMS empowers consumers to make informed decisions about their energy consumption effortlessly.

At Ferranti, we believe that the Dataverse to Fabric integration represents a significant leap forward in how we harness data to drive innovation in the energy and utility sector. By staying at the forefront of technology and collaborating with industry leaders like Microsoft, we remain committed to delivering solutions that exceed expectations and propel our clients towards a more sustainable future.

Johan Vandekerckhove - Chief Commercial Officer Ferranti -

Johan Vandekerckhove

Management team

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