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Joyce De Smit

Marketing Assisant


september 18, 2023


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The secret to eliminating Customer Churn? Think like a Tech firm.

Many innovative start- and scale-ups – both inside the Energy and Utilities industry and out – are harnessing the latest cloud innovations to eliminate customer churn. While these companies are services providers from the customer’s perspective – internally they’re tech firms first. The common theme is a determined focus on exceptional customer service and delivery – which is the secret to keeping end users satisfied and churn to an absolute minimum.

Complementing core competencies from the cloud

Start-up and scale-up Energy and Utilities disruptors retain clear-eyed singular focus on their single core competency – and often outsource everything else to specialists. From a customer service perspective, there is little to no upside in building a multi-channel communication solution in-house – particularly when that market is filled with proven specialists including Solgari.

Minimise risk and achieve speed to value by colouring inside the lines

The Energy and Utilities industry is littered with examples of hugely expensive, long complicated System Integrations project failures. Integrating legacy systems with modern technology, and delivering data-driven improvements in Customer Service, is a well-recognised challenge. Disruptors are taking advantage of this to compete and win in customer satisfaction and capture of market share at the expense of established providers.

A recent McKinsey study has suggested that 75% of the benefits from generative AI will be realised across only four functions – including Customer Operations, and Marketing and Sales. This is a significant opportunity: while AI can benefit new entrants, it will accelerate traditional Energy and Utilities market participants by levelling the playing field, unlocking the value of customer data, and capitalise on their broader offering.

What can Solgari bring to the table?

Start delivering exceptional customer service – today

Cloud-based solutions like Solgari enable these established providers to begin realising these benefits immediately, without long, costly and high-risk SI projects. Solgari is configured on Microsoft Azure and up and running in hours. Infused with the latest Microsoft AI and Copilots, Solgari delivers the very latest in sentiment analysis, conversation summaries and capacity / resource forecasting out of the box.

By integrating seamlessly and compliantly into Microsoft Teams – which is where modern employees are working – it is simply a native add-on extension into a core software solution already in play within the organisation.

Solgari enables our customers to meet and exceed their end users’ expectations across every interaction – whether that’s calling to report a disruption to service, submitting a meter reading over SMS, or creating a new business account over email.

Deliver consistently exceptional service outcomes every time, whether the customer is self-serving via automation, speaking with an AI-powered chatbot, or in live conversation with an Agent or Specialist from your organisation. And with full call and conversation recording, transcription and archiving, Solgari enables full compliance for GDPR and regional-specific regulations.

Realise the opportunity of AI-enabled Sales and Customer Engagement

Imagine significantly improving customer satisfaction and employee engagement in just days.

Solgari intelligently connects customers to the people and the help they need fast.

Powered by Microsoft AI, integrated within Teams & Dynamics365 and deployed from Azure in minutes, Solgari for Microsoft Teams enables Energy and Utilities providers to deliver exceptional, contextual customer service across any of their customers’ preferred channels.

In every conversation, on Voice, SMS, Chat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Social Media and Email: Solgari enables every employee to be a Customer Service champion.

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Cloud Energy Software creates custom software to help businesses grow and improve their operations. They offer services such as software development and QA testing, data integration & visualisation, cloud solutions and web development.


Formpipe is a software company specialising in output & document management solutions for the world’s leading banks, manufacturers, distributors and service companies.


Solgari enables companies to build rich relationships with their customers and deliver the desired outcome in each interaction.Every colleague gains the ability to be a Customer Experience champion, across Voice, Video, SMS, WhatsApp, Social Media, WeChat, Line and any API-enabled communication channel. 

Joyce De Smit

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