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augustus 21, 2023


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About Formpipe and Ferranti

The energy sector is under significant scrutiny due to rising utility costs, global conflicts affecting supply, and a heightened demand for renewable energy. Coupled with a slowing economy, it’s anticipated that global energy consumption will increase by only 1.3% in 2023. Additionally, the utilities industry, framed within a stringent regulatory environment, faces the challenge of juggling digital transformation with compliance and customer satisfaction.

As an integral partner of Formpipe, MECOMS 365 employs Microsoft Dynamics 365’s cloud capabilities, seamlessly integrating with their Lasernet solution, specialised in output & document management solutions. This combination delivers a robust management platform tailored for energy and utility providers.

What can Formpipe bring to the table?

Recently, Mar Joba, the MECOMS 365 Product Manager, teamed up with Formpipe’s Ben Saxton in an episode of “Beyond The Document”. Here, they delved into pivotal trends in the utilities sector and how its dynamics are changing.

3D’s for Utilities

Key discussions in the episode revolved around the future’s 3 ‘D’s for utilities:

Digitisation – Historically slow to embrace digital technology, the sector has had to rapidly adjust, particularly accelerated by the Covid pandemic. How is the industry now fostering digital change?

Decarbonisation – With rising environmental concerns, there’s been a move away from carbon-centric resources and a surge in electrification. This shift, evidenced by increasing electric car purchases and solar power investments, means the sector is persistently seeking innovative energy production methods.

Decentralisation – Mar highlights how ecological factors, along with events like the Ukraine conflict, have reduced the dependency on a few major energy producers, especially as reliance on Russian gas diminishes.

Going paperless, smart meters and consumers vs prosumers

Additionally, Ben and Mar explored the ideas of going paperless, smart meters and consumers vs prosumers:

Despite the push towards digitisation, the utilities sector remains paper-reliant, especially in areas like billing. Mar acknowledges this traditional stance but notes an increasing push towards digital avenues, from apps to self-service portals. Yet, regulatory challenges remain.

The distinction between consumers and prosumers has become more evident. More individuals now produce their energy, often through solar panels. Should their consumption exceed production, they draw from the grid, complicating the billing process and the extraction of relevant data for documentation.

Smart meters have revolutionised consumption tracking. Unlike traditional meters, which relayed data annually, smart meters transmit data several times daily. This influx of data poses the question: How do energy companies manage and utilise it for customer communication?

A look into the future

Looking ahead for MECOMS, Mar envisions an architecture that fosters connectivity with diverse experts in the field. With Formpipe specialising in document generation, MECOMS aims to serve as the utilities sector’s operational nucleus. By integrating with partners and utilising an open architecture, it aspires to empower consumers further.

To gain deeper insights from “Beyond The Document” and Ben Saxton’s discussion with Mar Joba, visit Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or click here

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