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Joyce De Smit

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With the event season in full swing, we are excited to announce our participation in the Future of Utilities Summit in London from June 19th to 20th. Join us for this inspiring event and seize the opportunity to reconnect with the Ferranti team.

Let’s talk about what matters

Discover how we can support your organisation in preparing for your MHHS implementation journey.

MHHS is THE most bespoken topic in the UK, as organisations need to be compliant with it by October 2026. Our team of experts is therefore invested in creating a UK compliant solution. This solution will support and enlighten you in your day-to-day operation as a supplier.

Be sure to stop by and have a chat with Ian and Faisal to see how we can support you in preparing for MHHS. Not able to attend? read more about MHHS in the article here below.

Meet the team!

Catch-up with our industry experts. Ian and Faisal are happy to welcome you at our booth n°8!

Solution Manager

Sales Manager

What to expect from FOU Summit?

FOU brings together a diverse group of visionary leaders, who share their expertise through insightful panel discussions and keynotes. The event covers a wide range of critical topics such as achieving net zero, digitalization, customer prioritization, innovation, and more.

Want to connect?

Are you looking for an opportunity to connect with our team in an inspirational setting? Make sure to contact us, and we will arrange an entry ticket and meeting that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Joyce De Smit

Want more information regarding Ferranti attending the FOU Summit?

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