"It is always enriching to be part of the IDC events.The knowledge and insights shared are invaluable to improving our product."

Johan Vandekerckhove



april 17, 2024


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Our recent participation in the IDC European Utilities Xchange event provided invaluable insights into the future of the European utilities landscape. At the event, industry leaders converged to discuss the transformative impact of digital technologies on operations, customer engagement, sustainability, collaboration, and cybersecurity within the utilities sector. 


TAKEAWAY 1: Digital Transformation is Imperative 

The event highlighted the urgency for utilities companies to embrace digital transformation initiatives, leveraging technologies like IoT, data analytics, and AI to optimize operations and deliver enhanced services. 

TAKEAWAY 2: Prioritizing Customer-Centric Solutions with AI and Data Analytics 

Evolving customer expectations drive utilities to prioritize personalized experiences and proactive communication, leveraging data analytics and AI to better understand and cater to customer preferences. 

TAKEAWAY 3: Accelerating Sustainability – embracing renewables and energy storage 

Utilities are increasingly investing in renewable energy sources and collaborating with partners to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy while ensuring resilience and cybersecurity of digital infrastructure. 

“It is always enriching to be part of the IDC events.The knowledge and insights shared are invaluable to improving our product.” – Johan Vandekerckhove


Our workshop at the IDC European Utilities Xchange event focused on the transformative potential of AI in the energy and utilities sector. Here’s what Johan, Cesanne and Alex discussed: 

TAKEAWAY 1: Operational Excellence – AI Revolutionizes Operations 

AI technologies, including machine learning and advanced analytics, are revolutionizing operations by optimizing maintenance, forecasting, and grid management, thus improving reliability and reducing costs.

TAKEAWAY 2: AI Empowering Customers: Personalized Support for Enhanced Satisfaction 

AI-driven solutions such as chatbots and predictive analytics empower customers with personalized recommendations and support services, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. 

TAKEAWAY 3: AI’s Role in Sustainable Energy: Optimizing Transition and Collaboration 

AI accelerates the transition to sustainable energy practices by optimizing renewable energy integration and resource usage, overcoming challenges through collaboration, talent development, and a culture of innovation. 


Our participation in both the IDC Xchange event and our AI workshop reaffirms our commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity within the utilities industry. By leveraging insights gained from these engagements, we are well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape and deliver value to our customers while contributing to a more sustainable energy future. 

Johan Vandekerckhove - Chief Commercial Officer Ferranti -

Johan Vandekerckhove

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