BOOST Connect | 26 – 27 September | Antwerp

We are pleased to announce the upcoming BOOST Connect event. This 1.5-day event will be held on the 26-27th of September in Antwerp and will focus on connecting with peers and industry leaders in an intimate setting.

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mei 02, 2023

Block Tariffs in the UK

Consumption based tariffs have a number of names in the market, including volume sliced or block tariffs. They are a means of implementing pricing strategies that are being used by many water companies within the industry in the UK to encourage water conservation and provide fair pricing for all households both vulnerable and otherwise. Implementing block […]

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april 18, 2023

Save the date: BOOST CONNECT| 26 – 27 September | Antwerp

What to expect from BOOST CONNECT We are pleased to announce the upcoming BOOST CONNECT event. This 1.5-day event will be held on the 26-27th of September in Antwerp and will focus on connecting with peers and industry leaders in an intimate setting. BOOST CONNECT will feature a range of plenary sessions where you can […]

april 17, 2023

The Debt Management Crisis in the UK

Gas and Electricity prices in the UK reached historically high levels during 2022 as a result of numerous factors, including increases in demand due to a post Covid recovery in the economy, risk of a cold winter (which has an impact on gas demand as gas is used for heating the majority of UK homes), a lack […]

maart 13, 2023

Dynamic contracts, the pricing model for a sustainable energy future.

Recently, the Flemish parliament approved a law regarding dynamic contracts in the electricity market. This means that Belgium is one step closer to sustainability in energy usage. Dynamic pricing for energy is becoming more common around the world, with many countries adopting this pricing model in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. Early adopters […]

april 18, 2023

Looking for opportunities to kick-start your career in IT? We’ve got you covered!

At Ferranti, we know that looking for a job is not always peaches and cream. So much choice, even though you often don’t know what you want yet…

februari 08, 2023

How the AI model behind ChatGPT can shape the future of your customer service.

Electricity and gas prices are rising. Advance bills of 1,000 euros a month are sought from customers, to continue to afford day-to-day living expenses.